Do you have a dream wedding in mind?
Let Tents for ‘You’ help make your dream come true!

We will work with you to determine exactly what you need and want for your wedding. We’ll help choose the perfect tent to have all your guests seated comfortably and help arrange all the tables, chairs, linens, lighting and other items you need for the wedding reception!

Whether your wedding style is an elegant, black tie affair, or if you’re planning a more casual setting at your property, we have the perfect tents and a wide range of accessories to put the perfect touch on your special day!

Helpful hints for planning the wedding & wedding reception:

  • Determine a color scheme … we can help coordinate matching items and with all colors.
  • Gather information on venue setting: The more information you have, the easier and better it will be to help select the proper tent for your event.
  • Plan on rain … Even if it doesn’t rain, it’s a great idea to plan for anything unexpected.
  • Look for landscape features: We can work tents around trees, fountains, large rocks, you name it!
  • Think of flooring: Do you want to dance? What type of flooring do you want?
  • Think of time frame: Renting the venue and/or tent an extra day or two can help releive stress over unexpected changes.